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About Shareen El Safy
Early Studies and the Egyptian Connection

Shareen began her studies with Diane Webber and Jamila Salimpour in 1967,
and later Ibrahim Farrah and Feiruz Aram. She began teaching in 1972 and was
the first belly dancer on California's Central Coast. She acquired a renewed
interest in both performance and instruction during many extended stays in
Egypt, beginning in 1985 when she danced and studied in Cairo. During the
1988-1992 summer seasons she performed raks al sharqi at Parisianna, opening
for Lucy; El Leil, the largest nightclub in the Middle East; the five-star
Sunset Nightclub, opening for Sohair Zeki; and Siag Pyramids Hotel.
Observing Egyptian dancers, especially Nagwa Fouad and Sohair Zeki, for
literally hundreds of performances, has provided Shareen with a unique
perspective on current Egyptian movement. She has also benefited from both
group class and private study with Mohammed Khalil, Mahmoud Reda, Nagwa
Fouad, Mona el Said, Dina, Ibrahim Akef, Hala El Safy (who gave Shareen her
name), Raqia Hassan, Nadia Hamdi, Aida Nour, Dandesh, Amani, Randa, Tito,
Lubna Eman, and the Benat Maazin of Luxor. Acknowledging Egypt as the
current source of raks al sharqi, she has conducted her Dance/Study Tours to
Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and Alexandria, studying with the top performers and
choreographers to the stars. read more

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Shambala Retreat

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What the experts say about Shareen
"Feeling is very important. One in one hundred dancers have the
feeling and you have it. And you listen very well to the music; you understand the music...I am astonished by your dancing! You are American, but dance Arabic."
Nagwa Fouad, Cairo, Egypt
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